asleep on a sunbeam, belle & sebastian

When the half light makes for a clearer view 
Sleep a little more if you want to 
But restlessness has seized me now, It's true 
但我一刻也不會安靜, 這可是真的 

I could watch the dreams flicker in your eyes 
Lying here asleep on a sunbeam 
I wonder if you realize you fascinate me so 
在猜想如果您能明瞭 您如此令我著迷 

Think about a new destination 想著新的目的地 If you think you need inspiration 如果您想您需要一些靈感 Roll out the map and mark it with a pin 來將地圖攤開吧 用別針做個記號 I will follow every direction 我一定會跟隨您的方向 Just lace up your shoes while I'm fetching a sleeping bag, a tent... 請繫好了鞋帶, 而我會去拿睡袋和帳棚
Another summer's passing by 這樣又過了一個夏天 All I need is somewhere I feel the grass beneath my feet 我要的是可以腳觸青草的地方 A walk on sand, a fire I can warm my hands 可以在沙子上行走 可以有火溫暖我的雙手 My joy will be complete 這樣一來, 我將滿心欣喜
I thought about a new destination 我會去想那個新的目的地的 I'm never short of new inspiration 您知道我不曾缺乏靈感
(打起精神吧, 要好好享受這個夏天呢 belle & sebastian很好的歌詞所以寫下來)


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  1. 1 二月 1, 2014 at 6:41 下午

    I think a visualized presentation can be better then simply a easy text, if stuff are defined in sketches one can without difficulty understand these.


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